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Articles by Foundation Members
This is a list of articles that you can download. Let us know if you have problems doing so.

NEW! -- Healing Through Play Using the Oaklander Model: A Guidebook for Therapists and Counselors Working with Children, Adolescents and Families

by Karen Fried PsyD LMFT and Christine McKenna LMFT LPCC

Karen Fried and Christine McKenna created this guidebook to serve as a companion to the Oaklander Training Program Violet developed after publishing Windows to Our Children. Child and adolescent therapists came from all over the world to attend her life-changing two-week intensive workshops in Santa Barbara, California.

1. Karen Fried - Just For Now: Virtual Use of the Oaklander Model in a Time of Crisis

  1. Just For Now: Virtual Use of the Oaklander Model in a Time of Crisis immediately suggests a way to frame therapy during this time. It reminds therapists and families that we should now embrace crisis-oriented goals and interventions that strengthen children's sense of self and resilience, and that we should postpone any deeper work to help them respond to the immediate situation- the most relevant and ambitious task we have.
  2. The Full Nest: Working with Adolescents
    " This second article presents the case of 21-year-old 'Bella' to define, explain, and illustrate use of the Oaklander Model in telephone or online sessions and deployment of technology to view an adolescent's projective work. The piece begins with the model's basic concepts regarding adolescence. It then addresses the specific challenges which returning to the home presents to the client at this developmental phase and to the family.
  3. Online Sand Tray by Dr. Karen Fried

2.Develop Empathy in Children and Their Emotional Awareness by Dr. Sara Bradac

3. Monica Torellini
     - Carlo's Diary, a children's coloring book to help children manage COVID-19
4. Jon Blend
     - Using Rapping as Self-Nurturing and Self-Regulation

5.      - Articolo Pezzutto-Minetto (GPT online nelle CPP)

6. Lesley Cruz
     - Using the Oaklander Method with Seniors
7. Christianne Elsbree
     - Mastery, Box Building and Climbing Stairs
8. Lori Landau
     - Using the Oaklander Method
9. Margie Mapes
     - Parenting from the Heart:  Teaching the Oaklander Method to Parents
10. Claire Mercurio
     - Using The Oaklander Method With Quirky Kids
11. Peter Mortola
     - On Making Contact, from his book BAM, Boys Advocacy & Mentoring
     - Learning From Experience - The Oaklander Approach to Teaching Child Psychotherapists
     - Narrative Formation and Gestalt Closure
     - Three Things Boys Need to Learn and We Need to Learn about Boys
     - Sharing Disequilibrium - A Link between Gestalt Therapy Theory and Child Development Theory
12. Michael Petracca
     - Hidden Treasure Book Review
13. Adriana & Adolfo Ribas
     - Self Nurturing Using the Oakalnder Method
14. Helen Sherry
     - Working with Kids in the Military
15. Lynn Stadler
     - Parenting columns
          - An Upside to Downturn
          - The I-Thou of Nonviolent Communication
          - Aware Parenting
16. Felicia Carroll
     - Every Child's Life Is Worth A Story
     - No Child Is An Island
     - Pitchfork Princess
17. Fabienne Kuenzli
     - A To Z Mantra For Therapists

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